Back to School

I just enrolled at Aix-Marseille University, for a two-year masters program entitled “Traduction littéraire et transferts culturels” (Literary Translation and Cultural Transference). This has long loomed as my next step as a translator, and I’m so glad to finally be taking it.

Just to give vent to some of my excitement about going back to school, here’s a list of classes I’m taking this semester:

Théories et pratiques de la traduction 
Réception et critique littéraire
Mouvements en littérature européenne
Traduction version
Traduction thème
Littérature russe et mondiale
Méthodologie de la recherche en littérature

All these classes are in French, of course, which is exactly what I wanted. After four years back in the States, I needed to be in France and steep in the language some more. I’m also looking forward to developing some insight into the experience of French literary translators, and the workings of French book markets. It’s a new experience to be spending my days discussing my profession, in my source language.

I will continue accepting freelance translation projects while I’m in school.